How to start your own business?

I always admired people who were able to succeed in business, and I always dreamed of having at least a small business and working for myself. How do you think it is possible to do this without having a large start-up capital?
Nikki on January 16 at 04:39 PM in Other question
3 Answer(s)
People who managed to become very rich by starting a business career from scratch did not win the lottery or receive a rich inheritance as a gift. They were helped by their own unique, creative ideas, hard work, determination and desire to realize themselves in their chosen field. The secret of success is the ability to identify the right goal and strive for it. You can blame the circumstances, but you can pull yourself together and, with faith in success, engage in finding solutions to the difficulties with self-fulfillment and ways to further development. Oskar Hartmann is a shining example to me of a man who was able to take life into his own hands and achieve great things. Plus, he helped and continues to help many people become financially independent and successful.
Isobel on January 16 at 05:43 PM
I believe that money is not the main thing when it comes to a successful business. To be exact, it is important of course, but much more important is the idea, motivation, and willingness to work hard.
Hanna on January 16 at 07:48 PM
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