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Social networks are seeing their income increase annually. In 2018, the top five social networks (Facebook, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter) generated revenues totaling $ 100 billion.


What if you could get some of that income?

Flokii has developed a program that allows self-employed workers, local businesses or anyone involved in the community to receive recurring revenues from this huge and growing market.


How to participate and what could be my income?

First, it is important to mention that to participate, it is free.

Secondly, your income will represent 25% to 50% of the turnover generated by all thecompanies located in the region that you have been granted.

To participate, simply follow these instructions;

  1. You register on Flokii or, if you are already registered, you log in.
  2. Once you are registered or logged in, you send us a message (via the contact form or via our profile page) indicating the region you wish to cover.


What will happen next?

Once you have been granted a region, you will become its exclusive representative.

To this end, you will be notified of new businesses that have registered on Flokii in your area. You will be able to contact them and offer them Flokii’s services as well as your own services or products (if any).

You will receive 50% commissions on the sales you have made and 25% commissions on all sales from online purchases made by all companies* in your region directly on the Flokii website. And, of course, if you offer other products or services, these revenues remain entirely yours.


What if a customer also wants me to be in charge of the content of their advertising on Flokii or their marketing on other social networks?

If a customer buys services from you that are not offered by Flokii, for example; maintaining their company page, writing their articles or advertisements, taking care of their photos/videos or promoting their products and services through other media or networks, these revenues are yours and you keep them entirely.


Why Flokii does not do the same as other social networks and does not fully maintain, internally, the promotion (and income) of its social network?

We believe that virtual relationships can never fully compensate for interpersonal relationships. We believe that each region has its own specificities. That is why we prefer to delegate part of the marketing to local people or companies.

When a company registers on Flokii, we wish to establish a special contact between the latter and Flokii. Only local agents, who know their area well and who are involved in it, can create this close relationship.

This is why we are convinced that affiliating with companies, organizations or individuals who are already established in specific regions, or who wish to settle in them and share their income with them, is a better strategy.

And this allows our agent (you);

- to have free advertising, even with regard to the promotion of your other products or services

- to obtain new contacts and to be put in relationship for free with companies that are customers or users of Flokii

- to receive additional income

- find other people or entities that will help you (sub-agents) and reward them, as you see fit, on a portion of the income you will receive

- to put at the top of the page (business section), for free, all the companies that belong to you


Is it necessary to reside in a region to obtain exclusivity?

When you send us your application, we will send you a questionnaire and, based on the answers you provide, we will analyze several factors. Notably;

- your motivation

- your involvement in the region you wish to cover

- your ability to respond quickly to any request

- your career path and your professional qualifications (or that of your company if the request comes from a company rather than a person)

As a result, residency may be a criterion, but it is not the only factor we consider, which is why it is not a strict requirement for exclusivity in a region.


Flokii Inc.


*Exception: In the event that an agent makes a sale to a company that has places of business in more than one region, the agent will receive his 50% commission on the entire contract, and not only on the proportion of the company's place of business in the region of the agent who made the sale.  However, if a company with offices in more than one region purchases services directly from Flokii or an agent located in another region, no commission will be paid to you.