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I created my resume but when I go to see the list of resumes I don't see it. Someone know why ?
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Raven_Garcia on March 30 at 04:05 PM

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Annarose1 on February 23 at 05:03 AM
Only individuals who consent to publicly sharing their resumes are featured in the list, which is commendable for respecting people's privacy. However, given that only a fraction of individuals may opt to disclose their resumes publicly, the actual number of resumes available on this website is likely much larger than what we can currently access.
Saanvi miller on February 17 at 03:09 PM Edited
Does keeping your resume private make you less likely to be disturbed? Minesweeper
SaintOtis on May 24 at 03:05 AM
I think so.
on November 27 at 11:19 AM
Your resume may very best but it always in private mode. So you can't see your resume after saving it or closing it.
pilumac on January 02 at 07:59 AM
If you don't change the privacy setting to "everyone," your own resume will never appear in the list of resumes. drift hunters
NancyShannon on April 07 at 11:49 AM
Check the privacy setting on your resume. If you configured the privacy setting as : "Friends only" or "Only me", nobody else than friends or yourself will be able to even know you created a CV (resume). In any case, if you don't configure privacy setting as : "everyone", in the list of resumes, your own resume will never appears.
Jean St-Laurent on November 01 at 01:22 PM
You are right. I changed the privacy setting on my resume (from "only me" to "everybody" and now my resume appears in the (public) list.

So, only people who accept to publicly disclose their resume are appearing in the list of resumes, what is great for people privacy, but as only a small percentage of people will accept to disclose it publicly from my opinion, probably the number of people having done their resume on this website is a lot more important than the number we may find.
on November 02 at 03:07 AM
I let my resume in private mode, don't want anybody, without my consent, see it.
George Weston on November 02 at 09:49 AM
I am doing the same.
on November 26 at 01:51 PM
Why to create your resume if you let it as private?
on February 07 at 02:15 AM