Add a business that isn't mine

I tried to add a business that isn't mine, but it's not working because I don't have the email address of the company.  What should I do?
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I can't call myself a big expert on the subject, but in my opinion, effective business management simply requires that you work with a notary public. Read the information on and it says that notaries are especially important for reviewing contracts, processing real estate transactions, notarizing legal documents such as powers of attorney, and ensuring business compliance. By the way, this particular service provides online notary services. It seems to me that this is quite a convenient and reliable solution for you that can help your business.
OliverSummers 20 hours, 3 minutes ago

I'm curious about how other business owners handle notarizing their documents. Do you find it necessary to use notary services for all your important paperwork? How often do you use notaries, and in what situations do you find them most beneficial? Any advice on whether it's essential for all business owners to utilize notary services would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Harry Styles 22 hours, 14 minutes ago
When you create a business which is not yours, until the company which owns that business decides to claim the listing, it's not possible for anybody to contact the business thru Flokii, or to see the e-mail that the creator entered. So, whatsoever the e-mail you enter, it will not change anything.
Personally, when I create a business which is not mine, I enter as e-mail address : if I don't know and can't find the e-mail address of the business I am entering. But even if you enter any other e-mail (true one or false one) only the owner of that company, when he will claim it, will be able to activate the e-mail's contact or e-mail's view for other users, and in such time he will put the e-mail address of his company, which is the common sense. But once again, the simpliest is to enter's my opinion.
Emma Brown on October 29 at 10:17 AM Edited by Massage
I do the same.
on October 29 at 10:23 AM
It's quite easy to have the e-mail of a business, you go on google map and 90% of the times you have all details, including the business website that you may access with one click and so, the business e-mail address.
Fernando de Gracia on November 18 at 03:54 AM