Is it Necessary to Use a Separate Cleanser for Morning and Night?

Typically, it's recommended that we cleanse our faces both morning and night to rid ourselves of oil, dirt and grime that clings to the skin. But this depends on your own unique skin type: If yours produces excessive oils or sweat profusely during the day, double cleansing may be more necessary than for someone with dry and sensitive complexions.

Morning cleanses should never be neglected

While you sleep, bacteria, dust particles, and oils from hair or saliva may find their way onto your skin - an esthetician at Peach & Lily recommends washing your face each morning in order to ensure it's as clean as possible and ready to face the day ahead.

There's no hard and fast rule regarding when or if it is best to wash your face in the morning, but dermatologists and skincare experts generally concur that it should be done. Washing with an effective face wash helps remove oil, sweat, and dirt accumulated throughout the night before also prepping skin for other products that might be used such as SPF moisturizer.

Your cleanser must also be gentle enough not to strip your skin of its natural oils or cause irritation, recommends Gonzalez. Markowitz says she prefers micellar water because it effectively strips dirt without leaving skin feeling stripped or dry.

Dermatologists and experts on skincare agree that morning cleanses are necessary in order to achieve healthy, hydrated skin before applying makeup or skincare products. A gentle yet calming cleanser with antioxidants or soothing ingredients will leave your complexion looking rejuvenated while simultaneously prepping it for other products used later on in the day. You may give a try on Cosmedix!

Your morning routine must include an exfoliating cleanser to rid yourself of dead skin cells that accumulate over time and leave your complexion looking dull and lifeless. Furthermore, an effective exfoliator can also remove impurities that clog your pores and contribute to breakouts.

Some exfoliators contain ingredients to promote collagen formation, such as glycolic acid. This will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving overall skin tone and texture.

Selecting an effective cleanser for your skin should be part of any beauty routine and should be made individually, according to dermatologists and skincare specialists. Some experts advise using salicylic acid-based cleansers in the morning for unclogging pores and combating acne; an exfoliating cleanser with glycolic acid would work better at evening use to eliminate dead cells from your complexion and smooth its texture.
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