How do you take the most of your body massage in Trichy River Salon Day Spa?

What is massage therapy?

A body massage is an act of rubbing the muscles and skin surface of the body. It can be applied manually, mechanically, or with massage tools. The majority of massages are given with the hands, and each one has a unique style and objective. The main goal of massages is to release obstacles from the energy circle by pushing the energy points. The body therapies that concentrate on energy circles include acupressure, reflexology, trigger point, Thai, deep tissue, and foot massage. The therapist will use their fingertips to apply pressure to the trigger points. body massage in Trichy

The techniques used in massage therapy


In order to reduce the likelihood of muscular knots, only entails massaging the muscles under the skin. The therapist will use both the palm and thumb finger to exert strong pressure on the affected muscles. The ability of this technique to address muscle issues is widely acknowledged. Try out the kneading technique at the best massage spa in my region.



Stretching is frequently done at the start and end of a massage to make you feel comfortable and at ease. In order to prepare the muscles for other, more strenuous treatments, the objective is to enhance blood flow to the body while warming it up. This is one Balinese massage technique that relieves muscular cramps and tissue stress.


The therapist will massage the skin with their thumbs to treat a particular body component, such as sore or damaged muscles or tight joints. Rubbing is a unique technique used in deep tissue massages to ease stiffness and pain in the muscles' deeper layers.



The tapping technique is commonly used in sports massages since it is one of the finest ways to improve blood circulation. To promote blood flow, the massage therapist taps their hands on specific body areas. Sometimes tapping's pressure can be really high and hurt you. Describe your discomfort to the therapist. body massage in Trichy


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