Together, let's set off on this amazing voyage You're not alone if you've ever found yourself enthralled by a small puppy's charms. Many individuals find it intriguing to have pups who never grow up or shed. These dogs are smaller in stature, but they have all the affection and company of a larger dog.

If you're seeking for a cheap pet store where you can perhaps get Yorkshire Terrier pups, we can help. We provide purebred, KCI-certified Yorkshire Terrier dogs for sale in your area that are in good health by connecting you with the best breeders in India.

Anybody could keep this little Yorkie as a fantastic pet! Our toy yorkie puppies for sale has the sweetest mood and expression. They are adorable, little, and full of personalityand also exudes energy. Both parents are certified breeders and kindly contact us if you would like further information! Of course, it would come with a microchip, our ten-year satisfaction guarantee, a recent deworming certificate, and all of vaccine certificates.The Teacup Yorkie is a little breed of Yorkie that is frequently referred to as the Micro Yorkshire Terrier or Toy Yorkie. This breed of dog is little, weighing between two and four pounds and approximately five to seven inches tall. The average lifespan of a Teacup Yorkie is twelve years.Yorkies are already among the tiniest dog breeds available, at an average of just seven pounds; however, smaller versions of these adorable little friends are also available.

Why the toy yorkie puppies are best

You guessed it: the fact that these fit inside a teacup is why they are known as teacup Yorkies! In the 19th century, Scottish immigrants moved to Yorkshire, England, bringing with them a number of terrier breeds. These laborers continued to be bred in the cotton and wool factories where they labored. They found that these tea Cup Yorkies are not a different breed from Yorkshire Terriers; they are just Yorkies bred from small parents to produce small puppies. They are rather rare, and many breeders will simply not breed them because of the various health issues that their size may bring with it.
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