It should come as no surprise that Yorkshire Terriers, also referred to as Yorkies, are among the most popular dog breeds in the nation according to the club. Bringing a Yorkie into your home will give you a lot of dog in a small package. Like many other terrier breeds, Yorkies are brave, tenacious, smart, and lively. They also travel well, live well in apartments, and are the definition of the term "lap dog." Because they actually love attention from us humans, a Yorkie will be your best friend for life and the life of any party you bring them to! Whether they are pranceing around the show ring or being carried around town in your pocketbook, a Yorkie loves to be the center of attention!

Are you looking for a Yorkie puppy that has a fun, loving personality that will make living with them joyful, and who can stop traffic?

Are you looking for a Yorkshire Terrier breeder who prioritizesbeauty, health, and intelligence? Someone who will honor you, respond to you honestly, and support you for the rest of your life and if that is the case, your search is over!

In actuality, yorkie puppies for sale in new york is an artistic creation, and breeding Yorkies is an artistic undertaking! I breed Yorkshire Terriers with stunning looks, strong builds, and loving dispositions. There aren't any whiny little puppies here since we choose Yorkie puppy parents based on more than just their appearance and health. We also chose them for their intelligence and disposition.

Raised in home on south shore, 45 minutes from New York City, are the Yorkie puppies. None of Yorkies have ever seen the inside of a cage because they are nurtured in modern whelping boxes before being put in playpens.

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