We believe it is our responsibility to give our puppies the best possible start in life and to enjoy being a part of their world.  Our family has been raising puppies since a long time and we take great delight in giving each one the special care they so much enjoy.  

Eventually, we added shih tzu puppies in colorado. The success of the doodles allowed us to work together with a few other doodle lovers who had similar views. We are all still proud to be modest breeders as a result of our collaboration, but we also split some of the work in raising intelligent, healthy puppies.  We take great pride in our lavish, well-kept locations.  Our dedication lies in producing superior offspring and providing optimal living conditions for both parents. As breeders, we try to provide early brain stimulation to our puppies so they can develop greater adaptability from birth to all of life's challenges.

Our puppies make wonderful, loyal pals and are easily trained

 We also offer a one-year health guarantee.  Every puppy has a veterinarian check-up, dew claw removal, a microchip, and all of their vaccinations up to date prior to delivery.Puppies are not adopted until they are 10 weeks old, or until they are ready. They have started crate training and toilet training by then, but they are still impressionable and eager to bond with you. This facilitates their first-time introduction to your family as puppies.We only choose responsible pet owners who will also continue the dog's legacy, and we only breed Shih Tzus in order to uphold the standards of the breed. We carefully search for individuals who understand the luxury and responsibilities that come with owning a dog, particularly one who produces puppies fit for a show.

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