How to track perfomance?

I need some good advices on such question as perfomance rate? I need to know which worker of my company hold our company back
Karstark on May 04 at 05:01 AM in Questions about a business
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The approach to personnel management should be systematic, with clearly defined requirements. Internal competition should be present, but in moderation and serving as additional motivation. To do this, it is necessary to clearly establish the managing people process. I advise you to find more information about 7 benefits of managing people in the company here
grayemiliia on November 16 at 03:43 AM
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SamuelRichardson on June 04 at 04:57 PM
When it comes to assessing the performance rate of your employees and identifying any individuals who may be holding your company back, here are some general tips and best practices:
Clearly define expectations: Ensure that you have clearly communicated job roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations to all employees. Setting clear goals and targets provides a basis for evaluating performance.
Regular performance evaluations: Conduct regular performance evaluations or appraisals for all employees. This allows you to assess their performance against the set expectations, provide feedback, and identify areas for improvement. pge outage map 
victorpatrick on May 18 at 11:09 PM
Start by establishing precise performance standards for each job within your organization ovo. Specific goals and objectives that are in line with your overarching business strategy should be linked to these KPIs. It will be easier for you to evaluate how each employee is influencing the success of your business if you have clear performance metrics in place.
Drew Binsky on May 14 at 11:07 PM
In our company we believe that our best part are ours employees. So we do everything in order to ensure that we have only the best professionals. For these purposes we do our best to find out everything about them. We sometimes conduct these types of reviews, in order to understand which one do everything and which one not. So in my opinion everyone should do the same if they want to make everything work properly
Farhers on May 04 at 07:35 AM
 What i think is that you should inspect all your stuff members carefully before make decision about their fate. It would be unwise to just pick up some huy or gal and just quit them. So make an inspection
Hermitn on May 04 at 06:15 AM