A few questions about the U.S. and Canada

Hi all, I am interested in finding a job in Canada or the United States. Which country would you choose and where would it be easier to get a job? What documents and permits are required? And one more nuance, I have a Greek driver's license, is it valid in these countries or will I have to learn again?
Mark Bartra on March 18 at 06:00 AM in Other question
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Thank you for being able to present the information briefly and clearly. And thanks for the tip, too.
Max Velin on March 21 at 04:45 PM
Hi there! Both Canada and the United States offer great job opportunities, but the ease of finding a job can depend on your specific skills and industry. In terms of documentation and permits, you would need a work permit or visa to work in either country. For Canada, you can research the different immigration programs to see which one you qualify for. For the US, you can research the various work visas available. I would suggest you Canada. There are also companies that specialize in lmia alberta, and will help you get all the permits very quickly. As for your Greek driver's license, it may be valid for a limited time in both countries, but it's best to check with the specific state or province where you plan to live and work to confirm. If it's not valid, you would need to get a local driver's license. Good luck with your job search and immigration process!
Agata Brown on March 18 at 06:32 AM