Customer feedback without a laptop

Hi there. I would like to find an app that helps me interact with my customers from my phone while leaving the number hidden. Since I don't always have access to a laptop or PC. What can you advise me?
Agata Brown on February 15 at 06:01 AM in Questions about a business
4 Answer(s)
 Remember to make the feedback wordle game process as easy and convenient as possible for customers to encourage participation. And don't forget to thank customers for their feedback and use it to improve your business! 
davidsjohn on February 21 at 11:18 PM
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sohbetodalari on February 17 at 04:11 AM
I have my own website and sometimes I can't answer clients myself right away. They start calling my number, but I understand that I can lose money if I can't answer the message or call. This is a human factor, which unfortunately is not solved.
Max Velin on February 15 at 08:20 AM
I'm sure it's important to every customer that his question is answered quickly. No one likes to wait. I know that from my own experience. I can write to one company and if I don't get a long answer, I understand that this company is not competent for its customers. That's why it's always important to keep in touch with clients so that your personal time doesn't suffer from this either. I can advise you on crafting an engaging message with the Usechalkboard business app. I am sure it will be a useful app for you and it can make the process easier for you.
Mark Bartra on February 15 at 07:55 AM