I am a beginner guitarist, I want to add to my chord vocabulary, specifically I want to learn how to play the Cadd9 chord. Who can explain to me how to play it?
on December 12 at 12:22 PM public
I'm playing WoW and I'm currently stuck on one section of the game and can't continue due to difficulty. And I need the Amirdrassil boost to beat it. Can you tell me where i can get it?
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Keeley Robel answered Juwan's question: Brazilian proxies
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Keeley Robel answered Norwood's question: Green chemistry
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Keeley Robel answered Juwan's question: Cookie editor
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We recently had a new wooden floor made in our shopping center, which, as it turns out, requires very careful maintenance. To keep the floor looking beautiful at all times, it needs to be waxed....
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