Software performance testing

Our company has purchased new software for work. And after the purchase I think it is not superfluous to check its workability. Recommend programs or companies that can quickly check the software for proper operation.
Juwan on November 18 at 01:37 PM in Other question
Yes, there is such a company qualified guys great experience in software.Introduce new technologies also and payment systems decide.I recommend to see and read their official website.
on November 21 at 01:00 AM
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I advise automated testing is a special developer. there is a manual one is a long time and may make a mistake, automatic rapid error is minimal. testing can greatly accelerate the release of the software product. this is a good kind of testing, I know the manual one is a programmer man but the time is long and may make a mistake, and automatic faster solves and helps professionals Look for the specialists based on your budget, there are many hired professionals, there are personal professionals programmers.
Kristin on November 19 at 05:09 AM
And from those from whom you bought this software, they do not bear any guarantees that this software product will work perfectly without failures? Well, in any case, you can order a hotel testing service.
PiterS on November 19 at 07:49 AM
It never hurts to check the availability of software and more if it was purchased recently, if you search on Google you will find professionals who are exclusively dedicated to testing software of any kind, you would have to do the search and contact one of them
FrankJarry on November 19 at 08:21 PM
Of course, it will not be superfluous to test your software. This must generally need to do it periodically and more often, since even correctly installed software can sometimes fail and this will negatively affect the work of the site.
Emma Lopes on November 20 at 03:50 PM