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911/408 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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Welcome to Sams Pest Control Melbourne company, we are the primary destination for ant removal for local’s residents and business clients. With advanced ant removal pest control techniques and quality services here at Ant Control Melbourne, we have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses to safeguard their health and wealth. Our licensed professionals can identify the exact type of infestation you’re experiencing and then suggest the best means of ant control or eradication using either natural or proven chemical methods. We use eco-friendly products with we seal all entry and exit points that will not harm pets or children and we'll no way offer one-time solutions to fulfill our contract with you.

We got you covered with every kind of pest control service possible, so call us now on 03 4014 9988.

Our different kinds of Services include:

  1. Ant And Rodent Removal
    2. Moth & Cockroach Control
    3. Wasp And Bird Control
    4. Borer and Mosquito Removal
    5. Flea and Spider Removal & Treatment
    6. Possum & Beetle Extermination
    7. Mite And Millipedes Treatment

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