Prince Wine Store South Melbourne

Prince Wine Store South Melbourne favorite
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177 Bank Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
Maybe its easiest to start with who and what we are not! We are not a supermarket, discount chain, lowest-common-denominator liquor outlet. In some ways we are not even a retailer who could be selling anything; tyres, widgets or beanie boos! We can only sell one thing…WINE!

What we are is an independently owned wine merchant, driven by our collective passion to source and share some of the greatest wines in the world with a similarly passionate group of punters…many of which are now friends and part of the PWS family.

There are two owners: Michael McNamara and Alex Wilcox (and their long-suffering wives) and together with 42 other committed (or perhaps should be committed) staff they run three wine retail outlets in South Melbourne and Sydney as well as a wine bar/restaurant Bellota and a wine cellarage business called Liquid Assets. In addition to this educate and have, for some years, now run the benchmark WSET qualification in Victoria and NSW and a suite of more informal courses written by the ourselves and our staff.

We import from a strong portfolio of producers from France, Italy, New Zealand and California that reflect our love of wines that are made by people who share our passion for great wine and wines that reflect their place.

So without getting too carried away and to put it succinctly, we love drinking, selling, talking about and being in and around wine.

Who else would you wanna buy wine from!
177 Bank Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
03 9686 3033