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1743 E McNair Dr, #400, Tempe, AZ 85283, USA
Stepping into comfort and wellness, SportsDocs Family Chiropractic Group, established in 1995, is the premier provider of chiropractic care in Tempe. Our seasoned chiropractors are renowned for effective sports injury care, sports performance improvement, and headache relief, to name a few. Quality and customer-satisfaction have been the backbone of our services for over two decades.

With a client-friendly website at, we aim to streamline the healing process by adhering to a hands-on, holistic approach. A call at (480) 812-9000 connects you to our dedicated team and sets you on a path toward your optimal health. We ensure personalized care served in the context of advanced chiropractic techniques, and preventive advice which are testimonies to our unparalleled expertise within the chiropractic sphere.

If you desire high-quality chiropractic care within the Tempe area, haul off the path of discomfort, and tread towards the first-rate care offered by SportsDocs Family Chiropractic Group. We'd be more than happy to assist you on your journey to physical wellness. Connect with us today and take that first step towards a healthier future.