Fun Suggestions For Wrapping The Perfect Christmas Present - Shredded Paper

The time has come: Halloween is behind us, and the jingle of festive bells can be heard tinkling just over the horizon. It is official: the most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, and bringing with it a plethora of presents that need to be wrapped.


Whether wrapping presents is your favourite part of the season, or a tedious chore to be endured rather than enjoyed, we have put together some top tips to help you pack the perfect package and achieve that ideal Yuletide aesthetic with every gift.


Use a gift box


If you are trying to send a gift that is an awkward shape or has sharp edges, why not try using a gift box to make things easier? Simply place the item in the box, and pack it with some of our own shredded Xmas craft tissue for security and a little extra surprise. Then, wrap the box in colourful paper – a great way to give a beautiful-looking gift with minimal stress!


Incorporate bows and ribbons 


Cute bows and colourful ribbons can do more than enhance the look of a gift – they can also help to keep pieces together if your wrapping has not quite gone to plan. Use a strategically placed bow to add a little festive cheer – and cover that spot where the paper has pulled a little too hard.


Try out festive accents


If you’re determined to take your Christmas gift presentation even further, why not add a few festive touches to your package, such as a small silver bell, some Christmas foliage, or a gold star? Such extras can really add a special touch that will be noticed and appreciated by the recipient.


Be creative and cut costs


If budget is an issue, rest assured that brown paper will never let you down! Use boxes packed with shredded paper – such as the shredded Xmas craft tissue available in many different hues and colour mixes in our own online store – and wrapped in simple brown paper with a festive bow or accent. There you’ll have it: a gorgeous-looking gift that won’t break the bank. 


Final thoughts


The wrapping of Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be an overly stressful experience. All that need is a little confidence and creativity, and perhaps some well-chosen shredded Xmas craft tissue from our dedicated Christmas store, and you will be singing carols and getting into the Yuletide spirit in next to no time! 



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