Automated Data (ADI) has unveiled AutoMatch, an AI-powered data matching and mastering platform designed to address the growing demand for user-friendly tools that bridge data silos. AutoMatch enables clients to effortlessly create matching pipelines by leveraging ADI's pre-built models and AI-driven semantic profiling engine. This eliminates the requirement for users to possess in-depth knowledge of data matching techniques. The launch of AutoMatch signifies a noteworthy achievement in ADI's mission to seamlessly link a company's entire data ecosystem, transforming it into a valuable knowledge asset.

Michael Rude, CEO of ADI, expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact of Automated Data's no-code platform and the AutoMatch product. He emphasized that these innovations have the capacity to revolutionize how data is connected, ushering in a modern era for entity resolution and mastering. The out-of-the-box solution streamlines the data integration process, sparing data teams from the intricacies of analyzing documentation and building complex integration processes. Instead, the platform automates the entire procedure and provides recommendations, allowing organizations to attain a comprehensive 360-degree view of their data rapidly.


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