We all like creating visually attractive Instagram stories to share with our friends. You can make Instagram stories more entertaining by adding fun elements such as filters, stickers, music, text, GIFs, etc. 


 Even while Instagram has a built-in option for automatically storing your stories, it does not include the music track you added using the "Music" sticker. Most of this is due to music licensing and free dissemination.



 Nonetheless, we're here to assist if you're wondering how to save an Instagram story with music by using Instagram video download. This blog post will walk you through four tried-and-true techniques for keeping an Instagram story with music in the gallery. Let us have a look! 

Why Do People Save Instagram Stories With Music? 

 There might be various reasons why someone wants to preserve an Instagram story with music. The main objection is that an Instagram Story vanishes after 24 hours. You might have spent hours attempting to create the ideal tale. It might be discouraging to see your hard work go to waste. 



 Furthermore, many enjoy saving their Instagram stories since they wish to save them as memories and not forget them. Regardless of the cause, the following section will show you how to preserve an Instagram story that includes music. Be cheerful. 

Simple Ways to Save an Instagram Story with Music.

 Here's a step-by-step guide to numerous options for saving your Instagram story with music using Snapinsta.cam.



 Save Instagram Story Using Share without Posting.

 As the name suggests, the approach entails sending your Instagram story to a buddy in the DM before storing it. You do not have to upload the tale to save it with music. The most excellent part about this solution is that it works flawlessly in every circumstance.


 Here are the steps you may take to save your Instagram story without posting:


 Step 1: Open Instagram, make a story, and include your favorite music.


 Step 2: Without posting anything, press the three-dot icon and select Save.



Step 3: Your narrative will be saved without music. Don't worry; swipe left to go to the Message area. 


 Step 4:

  • Open a conversation with a buddy.
  • Hit the camera icon.
  • Choose the Video you saved from the gallery.



 Step 5: When your tale opens, swipe up to add the selected music again. After that, pick the "Keep in chat" option in the bottom-left corner and press Send. 

 Step 6: Tap and hold the Video, then select More > Save, as indicated in the picture.

 And that's it. You just saved an Instagram story with music to your gallery. 



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How to Download an Instagram Story With Music After Publishing 

 Have you previously written an excellent tale with music and want to preserve it in your gallery? Fortunately, you can save an old Instagram story and music. To complete the task, locate the story in the archives and follow the instructions outlined above.



 Does this seem complicated? Don't worry; follow the Save insta instructions below to download a story with music from Instagram easily. 

Step 1: Open Instagram, then hit the hamburger button in the upper right corner to choose Archive.

 Step 2: It will display all prior stories. Choose a narrative, press the three dots symbol at the bottom, and click Save. 



 Step 3: Once again, share this narrative with a buddy via DM, add music, and select the "Keep in chat" option. Press Send. 


 Step 4: To save your Instagram Story with Music, press and hold the video message, then click More > Save.

 That's how you preserve an Instagram story using music you've shared on your profile.

Final Remarks 

 That's all for today. This post has provided numerous options for saving Instagram stories with music on your phone. You no longer need to check many sources to download your Instagram story, whether it has been posted or not.



 More significantly, none of the listed techniques degrade music quality while downloading. If you have any additional suggestions, please share them with us. 


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