Shop with Django

We often use online stores through the application, but I became interested in how these applications are created. If I know a little about Django app development, can I build a web store on it?
Norwood on January 20 at 08:08 AM in Other question
if you know very little, I understand this a little, then you should not try and you should study further, And if you are already quite literate in this topic, then you can try, but still, the best option would be to contact an experienced specialist who will do this all the work for you. but in general, if you are ready to learn and improve your skills, then you can create such a store yourself
on January 22 at 05:30 AM
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I think that even at 60 years old people learn and programming and development of various games. Then you can open a mobile app on a ready inventory, just register and give a name to your application.Django is a very good development it is faster and more functional upgraded to new changes in the world market.In such interactive applications Django is the best solution.
Irina Belous on January 22 at 03:54 AM
For such complex work, most likely, the help of experienced software and applications will be needed. Easier, Django is a framework for web development written on Python. This company including the development of Django, because it is important to find the best software specialists with extensive experience in a certain field.
Taison on January 21 at 03:04 PM
Yes, if you have sufficient creation skills for this, then you can easily bring this idea to life, just put a little effort and you will succeed. But still, you can not only do it yourself, but for programmers to do it, so think about it
Oliver Terree on January 21 at 12:15 AM
Do not suffer, it takes more than one year to learn this. I’ve been learning programming for three months, I went through the second stage of training and there is no end in sight, I put together a trial program, but it turned out that it’s embarrassing to show my friends, the functions work fine, but not all of them, and the interface is terrible. To be honest, I'm tired of this training, but I need a program to facilitate my work. It is better to turn to specialists...
Alexander Brown on January 20 at 10:01 PM