How to promote the site?

I have not promoted my site for a long time and it has fallen to a very low position in google search results. Because of this, many users can not find it and go to a competitor. What methods to promote your site now effectively and qualitatively able to raise my site on the first page of search results google? 
Norwood on December 29 at 06:47 AM in Other question
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The most important thing here is that your website continues to comply with all Google rules. And so you can turn to specialists who are engaged in crowd marketing. This is a very effective and live advertising.
Yan_ on January 01 at 12:16 PM
There are many ways to promote your site.I think you can advertise, advertising in social networks or refer to Influencer.In any case, professionals, which you were advised the best in their business, they have a lot of positive feedback.
Kristin on January 01 at 07:17 AM
 To promote your site and raise it to the first page of google search results can be used crowd seo, this promotion works in such a way that professionals place links in the text of recommendations and reviews on related sites as naturally as possible to build up a natural and diverse reference profile. 
Juwan on January 01 at 04:19 AM
I would like to create my own website, but I looked on YouTube how to create it, and I didn’t understand anything, there are so many functions, I just got confused. In my opinion, creating your own site is more difficult than promoting it. I think that when I have a website, I won’t have any problems with promotion, I have a lot of friends in social networks. I haven’t heard about the promotion (link building), but just in case I’ll take an interest...
Alexander Brown on December 29 at 11:31 PM
There are many ways to promote sites, you can use multi -level linkbuilding to promote the site. Experts say that this is one of the most effective methods for promoting and SEO-optimization of sites. The Autherch service is also effective and you can still advertise on the channels of famous bloggers.
Taison on December 29 at 01:14 PM