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Good evening. I would like some advice. I have very little time because of work, and I need to start my research paper. I am thinking about finding a person or company to help me with this. Who can you recommend?
Isobel on February 07 at 03:38 PM in Other question
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Individuals who are looking for free paper publications or research article publications without any cost can Visit ABCD Index. It’s a free to access platform for the research and academic individuals. Here they can find all types of databases required for research from beginning to publishing.

RAMP – RAMP is a free to publish portal where researchers, scholars and other academicians can submit their research paper or article to publish free of cost in an ABCD Index registered journal.

Who can submit research papers and articles in RAMP?

Individuals related to science, mathematics, engineering, social science, arts, humanities, and others can submit their research papers/ articles to RAMP. There is no restriction for a particular discipline; we accept almost all types of research papers from different research domains. Scholars can submit their research paper or article without worrying about the research areas. They will be notified by the journal for the further process.

How one can submit research papers and articles to RAMP

Submitting a research paper or article in RAMP is very easy and user friendly. Follow the steps to submit research paper or article in the RAMP:

  1.   The first thing one has to do is go to the RAMP portal. For this, one has to click on the link given in the blog. It will redirect to the paper submission page.
  2.   Take an overview of the RAMP portal and get familiarized with the fields.
  3.   Now fill the corresponding author email in the box, stating the same then move to the next field.
  4.   Now fill in the authors details like name, email address, belonging country or region, affiliated institute i.e. college, university, research lab, organization), profile link if you have any etc.
  5.   If a research paper or article has more than one author then they can use the Add more option to include multiple authors. To add co-authors just click on the Add more authors button provided below the author details and fill the fields. One can also delete the last added field if required.
  6.   After filling the author’s details, move to the next field. Here write the title of the research paper or article in the title box. Now move to the abstract part and fill the abstract related to the research article. It will help reviewers to have an overview of the content of the research work.
  7.   Add keywords related to the research paper.
  8.   Now add the research paper file in pdf or document whatever format you had.
  9.   Check all the fields before making the final submission.
  10. Now click on the submit button.

Wait for the response, you will be notified soon. 

neeraj mishra on September 20 at 06:07 AM
Writing such works takes a lot of time and effort, requires knowledge not only in a particular scientific field, but also competent design.  Not every student can cope with such a task.
Hanna on February 08 at 03:37 PM
If you need a high-quality work, done on time, turn to competent and experienced professionals. I can give you advice from my own experience, I received help writing research proposal and was very satisfied with the cooperation. All the time were in touch, did everything in accordance with the requirements and uniqueness and there were no problems.
Nikki on February 07 at 06:09 PM