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Do you like watching erotic material? If so, what do you enjoy watching most? I've heard that there are special porn comics, have you seen them?
Hanna on February 07 at 08:31 AM in Other question
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My partner and I like to watch hot videos, but we haven't tried comic books. We should try it, it's quite interesting and unusual)
Isobel on February 07 at 01:01 PM
Hi. Let's talk, since other than with a partner, there is no one else to discuss such topics with. I also think most people like to watch erotica and it's normal for adults. Sometimes I watch movies and sometimes comics https://18comix.org/ . You can find any fantasy for yourself and even things that can't be done in real life. It's quite unusual and excites the imagination. 
Nikki on February 07 at 12:06 PM