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What exactly are Pharmacy Advertisements?

Pharmacy Ads are beacons that feature all the important information an individual or family would need when they are choosing a new pharmacy. They help make it easier for you to choose your pharmacy by offering: Services and products with easily understandable prices and savings options available at a nearby pharmacy Sign up for prescription delivery service, if applicable A friendly assistant who can answer questions for you If you would like to learn more about prescription delivery services and which ones are available in your area, please contact the on-site pharmacist at your local pharmacy.

Types of Pharmacy Ads

Pharmacy ads are inbound marketing ads that help you attract and retain your customers, there are of 3 types of pharmacy ads:

  • Approach ads are used to attract new customers and encourage them to visit your store. 
  • Call-to-action ads are designed to entice the consumer to go directly to your website or phone number with a specific action they need to take such as making a purchase, signing up for a special offer, or receiving information about a promotion such as (their receipt). 
  • Actionable content ads give users an incentive to act because they must click on it several times before they are directed back to their original page

Benefits of using Pharmacy Ads?

Pharmacy Ads are the best way to reach customers when they’re ready to buy medication. Your ad can appear in any area of the site, giving your brand a bigger reach than most other types of ads. Since there are no minimums on a budget or a number of clicks, you don’t have to worry about spending money on low-performing ads just because they’re free. Lastly, pharmacy ads give you the opportunity to make money by selling your newest products and services directly through our system!

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