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  • Biolux favorite
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  • Rue du Mont-Blanc 14, 1201 Genève, Switzerland
    Since the origin of the creation of Biolux technology in 2007, our ambition has been to make non-invasive and effective medical treatments accessible at home. Without replacing health professionals but on the contrary by accompanying them and allowing them to be able to control and follow the progress of treatments remotely, from the doctor's office to the home.

    Making the patient autonomous and decision-making regarding their treatments while respecting health and medical constraints has been a permanent challenge. The scientific and technological mastery and the control of its regulated therapeutic application have been essential in the approach of the ISC Laboratory, to promote Biolux technology to as many people as possible. Current events, such as covid and the obligation to find remote treatment solutions, have catalysed this positioning and reinforced our strategic choices.

    The context, the environment, and the various clinical evaluation criteria can only be taken into account remotely if the technology becomes connected and intelligent. (M-IOT/Mtech)

    BioPhotomodulation, which is a branch of light therapy, using the cold light of light-emitting diodes for medical purposes, is very effective in treating neuro dermatological and dermato-aesthetic problems, but it was necessary to understand its functioning at the scientific level and its mechanisms of action at the cellular level.

    R&D and clinical investments since the beginning have enabled the laboratory to prove its effectiveness on major pathologies without any real treatment solution. Intelligent treatment devices have been developed and registered as medical devices around the world taking into account ethnic and cultural diversities, the reproducibility and effectiveness of Biolux treatments have allowed us to be recognized as expert in light treatment. Investing in research and in the clinic from the outset to prove the medical effectiveness of a technology allows us today to offer a wide range of care protocols in the field of aesthetic dermatology and well-being, easy to use, economical, without side effects. Lowering the cost of aesthetic or medical treatments, being more specific on topical care and adapted to the person while allowing information and monitoring of the patient and professionals, are the essential values of the ISC laboratory from the outset.

    The second generation of LUXe is a concentrate of technology, it offers robust and efficient protocols, thanks to the 5 families of integrated LEDs. Home treatments are controlled and 100% reproducible. The LUXe is currently the only smart device to benefit from international clinical and technical recognition.