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114 E 71st St, New York, NY 10021, United States
Georgia Louise is always on the hunt for the next revolutionary skincare product or technologically-advanced skincare devices. When she finds a new product or device that intrigues her, first it must be put through a series of stringent tests and thorough investigations before receiving approval from the world-renowned skin therapist.

The products and devices that become part of the highly curated group of the Georgia Louise brand, encompasses the newest, ‘now’-est and future of skincare. Each product and device plays a part in helping customers achieve the Georgia Louise GLO. The GLOtoGO is the result of Louise’s signature method to skincare that combines safe and gentle performance technology with her world-famous “Fingertip Facelift.” It’s this unique treatment that has propelled Georgia Louise to become one of the most in-demand estheticians in the world. Now, with help from Georgia Louise Approved products, even those who can’t make it to her Manhattan Atelier can still reach GLOtoGO-level complexions.

“The most frustrating part of my job is that I only have two hands, which makes it impossible to treat everybody,” says Louise. “That’s why I curated these Georgia Louise Approved products and GLOtoGO tutorials, which deliver professional-level skin care results at home. After all, everyone should be entitled to having beautiful skin.”