Better Therapeutics Inc. (BTTX) and Glooko, Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to integrate Better Therapeutics' AspyreRx™ digital behavioral treatment for type 2 diabetes (T2D) into Glooko's diabetes management platform. The collaboration enables U.S. healthcare providers using Glooko to identify suitable patients for AspyreRx, prescribe the digital therapeutic, and monitor patients throughout their treatment journey. Glooko's solutions have assisted over 3.4 million individuals with diabetes in the U.S. and are utilized in nearly 5,000 clinic locations. AspyreRx will now be accessible on Glooko's healthcare provider platform as a new treatment option. Leveraging Glooko's 'precision engagement,' patients eligible for AspyreRx will be identified for healthcare providers. This strategic alliance aims to enhance patient outcomes and streamline the management of T2D within the Glooko network. Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its potential to offer healthcare providers a valuable new treatment option for managing patients with T2D.


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