Grab and Tipper works at Tesco Old Swan Liverpool

This was an morning Planings job at Tesco Store Old Swan Liverpool. We have planings in stock.

Road planings are the layers of asphalt or other material that are removed from the surface of a road during maintenance or repair work. These planings are typically collected and recycled, either by being ground up and used as a paving material, or by being processed into other products. Road planings are an important part of road maintenance, as they help to extend the life of the road by removing damaged or worn-out surface material. They also help to improve the safety and performance of the road by providing a smooth, even surface for vehicles to travel on.

The process of road planing involves removing the top layers of asphalt or other material from the surface of a road. This is typically done using a specialized piece of equipment called a planer, which has a long, rotating blade that cuts into the road surface. The planer removes a thin layer of material, typically between 1 and 4 inches thick, depending on the condition of the road and the type of planer being used.

The planer is typically mounted on a large, tracked vehicle, which allows it to move easily over the road surface. The operator of the planer controls the depth of the cut, the speed at which the planer moves, and the direction of the cut. The planer is typically run over the road several times, making overlapping cuts to remove the desired amount of material.

Once the planing is complete, the road surface is typically smoothed and graded to prepare it for repaving. This may involve filling in any gaps or low spots with additional material, and compacting the surface to create a smooth, even surface for the new asphalt or other paving material to be applied. The new paving material is then applied over the top of the planed surface, and the road is typically reopened to traffic once it has fully cured.
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