Best Chatbot Software in the USA

What is a Chatbot Software?

A Chat-Bot, at its most basic, is computer software that mimics and interprets human interaction (spoken or typed), enabling users to converse with digital gadgets as if they were speaking to real people. Chatbots may be as basic as one-line programs that respond to straightforward questions, or they can be as complex as digital assistants that learn and develop over time to provide ever more individualized service as they acquire and analyze more data.

Unknowingly or not, you have undoubtedly communicated with a chatbot. A popup may appear on your screen while you are conducting product research at your computer and ask if you need any assistance. Or perhaps you use your smartphone to chat for a ride when you're on your way to a performance. Or perhaps you've used voice commands to place a coffee order at a nearby café and heard a response letting you know when it would be available and how much it will cost. These are all illustrations of situations in which you could run into a chatbot.

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