Have you had problems with your energy bills?

I have a question about how to properly handle problems with your utility bills. Have you had this experience? How do I solve this problem?
Max Velin on November 20 at 08:40 AM in Other question
3 Answer(s)
What kind of problems ?
Seymour Thompson on November 20 at 03:20 PM
I hope you find a solution to this problem. Because blocking of accounts is not pleasant.
Agata Brown on November 20 at 11:46 AM
I think it happened because of the blocking of your payment systems. So to continue to work with some payment systems, you will need to confirm your identity using utilities. It is not always possible because of the blockage. I advise you to studyblog and you just have to fill out the following information correctly: name, surname, and zip code of the city. And then you will have the opportunity to get this document in pdf format. 
Mark Bartra on November 20 at 10:14 AM