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What is PWA?

Any device can use a Progressive Web Application (PWA), a form of web app that can function as both a web page and a mobile app. It is a fantastic solution for your online store's low conversion rates and bad mobile UX. PWA aims to give a native-like user experience with faster conversion and cleaner browsing even with a slow Internet connection by utilizing standard technologies.

PWAs are created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They display and function exactly like standard web pages (which means they are searchable in internet browsers). However, they also offer capabilities that are exactly the same as those offered by mobile apps: they are quick, can operate offline, send push alerts, and utilize user devices.

Additionally, PWAs can be published on well-known app stores like the AppStore and Google Play.

It is difficult to come up with an accurate definition of PWAs that fits in a dictionary because they do not indicate any specific implementation. The corporation that invented them, Google, doesn't provide much assistance because of the ambiguity in its official presentation. According to it, PWA is:

  • ‍Reliable -  Even in a shaky network environment, loads instantly.. 
  • Fast - Smooth animations that react rapidly to user input and that scroll evenly.. 
  • ‍Engaging - Has a seamless user experience and appears to be a natural app on the smartphone..

What does PWA intend to achieve?

It's possible that you've already heard that the ecommerce industry has never moved so quickly. Although that has been a saying for a while, it is even more true today. Since many years ago, mobile-first e-commerce has been the norm, and it continues to gain popularity. The figures tell the tale:

In 2014, mobile users globally overtook desktop users for the first time (comScore).

Retail mobile commerce sales in the US are predicted to reach $728.28 billion by 2025 and represent 44.2% of all retail ecommerce sales (Business Insider)

80% of customers utilized a mobile device while in a physical store to research products, compare pricing, or find different stores (Outerbox Design)

This tells you that, if you haven't already, it's definitely time to board the mobile commerce bandwagon. With PWA, which aims to enable mobile-first ecommerce transformation, you can achieve it in the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way possible.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps for Supporting Mobile-First Commerce

The key advantages of implementing PWA are enhanced speed and performance, an app-like user experience, and cross-platform compatibility. These are only a handful of the many PWA benefits; there are many more. Let's examine each one in more detail.

  1. Rapid market entry and the mobile market

The most straightforward path to the mobile world is through Progressive Web Apps. That is just the case. They are created using the most common web technologies and can be installed in a few months.

PWA also eliminates the need to create two different apps for iOS and Android because it functions on a variety of platforms.

  1. Instantaneous delivery of all features ‍

Using PWA technology, your team can create a single app that functions flawlessly on all devices as opposed to developing a website and a native mobile app separately. You don't even need to create a separate native app when using Progressive Web Apps. For your store to function well as both a web page and a native app, you only need to make a few PWA storefront adjustments.

Yes, Progressive Web Apps can deliver an identical app-like experience across all devices. PWA automatically and gradually improves its built-in features to imitate native app functionality based on browser capabilities.

  1. Enhanced cost-effectiveness

Because of PWA's all-encompassing features, you not only save time, but you also save development expenses. Simply put, you can create only one thing that functions properly across all devices rather than three—an app for iOS, an Android, and a website.

Additionally, PWA is free because it does not require an app store presence. But using Logelite Pvt. Ltd, it is rather simple to post your PWA to the AppStore or Google Play.

Reduction in Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

With PWA, you can create webpages that prompt users to download an app right from their mobile browser. This implies that in order to utilize a native app, users are not need to go to an app store and download it. This raises the likelihood that they'll give it a shot.

There is also no need to download updates for the PWA app, in contrast to native apps.

This increases the likelihood that customers will be effectively led from the website to the native-like app. Thus, the cost of acquiring new customers is reduced.

  1. PWA makes use of headless commerce

PWA makes advantage of headless architecture, which gives your company amazing agility. You can use it to build your eCommerce tech stack out of best-in-class solutions and to significantly increase your conversion rates.

Your store's frontend and backend eCommerce platforms will be divided as a result of the headless strategy. This gives your marketing team a great deal of freedom because they can simply make adjustments on their own when headless architecture (such as a headless CMS) is implemented.

  1. Improved SEO Outcomes

The fact that PWAs hasten the process of the application being listed in Google is one of their primary advantages. They have URLs that are similar to those of regular web sites, so Google can crawl and index them.

Furthermore, the entire Server Side Rendering (SSR) implementation gives crawlers access to whole documents for indexing, which is crucial for large eCommerce stores.

Smooth, quick apps with low retention are preferred by search engines, and they are given a higher rating in search results. And as we all know, the possibility of attracting the user's attention increases with position.

The bounce rate, a parameter that also affects how Google assesses a site and decides its position in SERP, is decreased by improved website performance, not to mention other benefits (Search Engine Results Page).

Reduction in Bounce Rate

According to a DoubleClick survey, if sites take longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned. Additionally, it discovered that mobile websites typically load in 19 seconds while using a 3G connection.

PWAs, on the other hand, load immediately regardless of the state of the network, even when offline. Since they use placeholders that are waiting to be populated with downloaded content, they are incredibly lightweight and give consumers the impression that the program is loading instantly.

PWA functions offline, enabling users to continue browsing even when there is no internet connection. They would have to abandon their buying procedure with any other web retailer. But with PWA, a subpar network won't affect your sales any longer.

  1. Increased income, mobile conversions, and user interaction

Many retailers notice a mobile gap when comparing mobile and desktop conversion rates: customers spend more time browsing on mobile devices, yet mobile conversion rates are still substantially lower than on desktop.

Of course, the various objectives of mobile users have a role in some of this. Some businesses may, however, close this gap and dramatically boost their mobile revenue. You need a responsive, mobile-optimized website with excellent user experience (UX) if you want to follow them.

PWA aids in achieving those objectives in part because of their full-screen capability and accessibility (thanks to the Add to Home Screen option). Additionally, push notifications, which were previously only available for native apps, increase user re-engagement.

What distinguishes Native Mobile Apps from Progressive Web Apps?

After a decade of dominance by native applications, we are now transitioning to a single experience across all platforms and devices. Progressive Web Apps offer the same level of engagement as native apps while being extremely lightweight and focused on mobile devices.

The phrase "Progressive Web App" was for years somewhat ambiguous for smaller businesses, despite the fact that the major players in the internet environment, such as Alibaba, Pinterest, and Twitter, already embrace them and have adopted PWA on their sites. Many of them are persuaded that there is no substitute for responsive web design or native apps since they recognize that the mobile-first strategy is essential in today's world.

However, Google's data and the rising number of Logelite Pvt. Ltd live projects show that public awareness of the benefits of PWAs is always expanding.

What are the PWA Requirements in terms of technology?

You must secure a lot of components in order to put up a Progressive Web App:

An encrypted connection (HTTPS)

You must offer a secure server with an HTTPS connection for PWA purposes. This is how you may safeguard user information while also enhancing website security.

Service workers

One of the fundamental components of PWA technology, which aids in deciding how to manage network requests, is this. A client-side JavaScript file that you have included in your codebase is referred to as a service worker and it functions in the background to imitate app-like functionality.

PWA Manifest file

You must create a straightforward JSON file (referred to as a PWA manifest file), which informs the browser about the appearance and functionality of your PWA once it has been downloaded and installed on a user's mobile device.

It seeks to provide a native app-like experience by containing fundamental details like the program name, icons, and colors.

Google Chrome needs a PWA manifest file in order to see the "Add to Screen" dialog.

Consistent Client Experience And Enhanced Client Engagement

User experience is the key focus of Progressive Web Apps, which are designed to boost user engagement and all the advantages that go along with it. However, you have a choice in how you utilize the benefits of PWAs. There are many more options besides just increasing page speed.

PWAs can benefit from the rise of voice search, which is ostensibly the next step in making digital interaction more human-like and the overall UX more uniform, as they are accessible in internet browsers.

Voice search and mobile optimization are tightly intertwined, and site performance is a key factor. PWAs are therefore the best options for supporting voice search optimization given that voice assistants are still more frequently utilized on mobile devices.

The performance of the web can be accelerated with Progressive Web Apps. Additionally, they are the standard that Google itself supports, which makes them a natural fit for voice solutions.

The user experience in the omnichannel era should be seen holistically, taking into account all of the touchpoints, both online and offline. Users could feel bewildered and puzzled if the customer journey is not handled, which is not the finest basis for a buying experience.

PWA capitalizes on the habits that consumers already form while using native apps, allowing developers to utilize mobile phone features to improve the user experience. They have access to the device's camera, microphone, geolocation, and even vibration. The needs of the business influence the PWA's potential.

Will PWA function offline?

Yes, PWAs function offline, enabling users to continue browsing even when there is no internet connection. They would typically have to abandon their purchasing process with any other web store. But with PWA, a subpar network won't hurt your sales.

PWA: A replacement for native apps?

Most likely, PWA won't take the place of native apps. However, PWA is a fantastic substitute for expensive native apps. They are the simplest and least expensive approach to make mobile-first commerce possible. While native applications are only compatible with a select number of devices, they are costly to develop and maintain. With PWA, you can deliver all features at once in a far shorter amount of time.

Do Progressive Web Apps merit the cost?

Although eCommerce companies see a fair amount of mobile traffic on their websites, this is frequently not accompanied by great conversion rates. They require a responsive website with a mobile-friendly user experience to change this. The Progressive Web App provides the simplest, quickest, and most affordable means of achieving this. Yes, it is worthwhile.

Conclusion :- 

Logelite Pvt. Ltd. is a brand when it comes to Progressive Web Apps. Our talented and experienced experts ensure that the services of Progressive Web Apps that we provide are really great.

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