How to Publish a Research Paper in IJSET Journal?

International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology is happy to announce that electronic submission of papers is now available via the widely used Online Submission system. This new submission process will facilitate access to Manuscripts by Authors, Reviewers and Members of the Editorial Board, and will lead to a smooth reviewing process. 

Publishing your research in International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology is simple and efficient. You will be guided through the submissions process step-by-step and can interrupt this at any time and continue via Submit Online Now.

What you will need to complete the submission of your manuscript:

  1. Email address of Primary Author (in case more than One Author)
  2. Name of the Author for your manuscript.
  3. Correctly formatted manuscript
  4. Correctly formatted figures in one of the acceptable formats; see Preparing your manuscript
  5. Compliance with journal editor’s policies

If you have any query, kindly get in touch through Email on or

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