How to Make a Social Media Website?

I want to develop an app for dating sites. Please advise me a company that develops such web sites. 
ron 8 on September 22 at 09:42 AM in Other question
I recommend Dorustree.
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on December 27 at 04:29 AM Edited
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What you have mention in the above text, the simple answer is Logelite 
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Logelite Pvt. Ltd. on October 04 at 01:03 AM
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candymika on September 23 at 11:20 PM
I suggest you Chetu ( I asked them an app and I was very happy about the result.
Kwei Chung-shu on September 23 at 06:32 AM
Social media is at the peak of popularity, so creating a dating site is a great idea. Today such web resources are a place for communication, dating and many other things. Creating a social networking site requires the work of a whole team of specialists , who are experienced in implementing complex multitasking projects. 
reiv on September 22 at 10:59 AM