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Currently, Email is the accepted method of corporate communication among enterprises. Email must be included in, and adhered to, the organizational standards handling information and records just like any other type of business information and record.

Email is used extensively in many facets of businesses and is now essential to operations. Information professionals spent many hours each day reading, responding to, and collaborating via emails, making the email client their principal business application.

For many, managing emails becomes as simple as deleting emails from servers and saving them to archives. To do it right, each one must be categorized, preserved, and maybe deleted in accordance with existing corporate policies and standards, just like it is recommended for all other types of documents and records. However, this is not sufficient. The systematic regulation of the number and quality of electronic messages sent and received inside an organization is known as email management.

Logelite launch an Email Management System. Our Email Management will be specially designed to manage high volumes of inbound electronic mail received by organizations. Our E-mail Management System will help you reply to, send, track, and organize emails.

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