How to add money to a Cash App card at a store?

Departmental stores are more than just shopping places. What you might not have known is the fact that now one can do more with Walmart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, and Dollar General stores. Apart from buying your favorite products from these stores, you can add money to your Cash App card with the help of the cashier. Below are the steps to follow to load money to your Cash App card stores.

  • So, as a first step, find the nearby store available to you.
  • You simply can Google out the location of the store on your phone.
  • Make sure your Cash App card is activated because money only could be added when a card is active.
  • As you will require to pay

    in cash money to the cashier so ensure you carry enough cash with you. 
  • Once you reach the store, get in touch with the cashier and ask about loading money to your Cash App card and fee if there is any.
  • If you are a regular customer user of that particular store, you can request the cashier to waive the fee.
  • Now hand over your Cash App card and money worth of the amount that you want to add to your card to the cashier available at the billing counter.
  • Finally, the cashier with the help of a card reading machine will add money to your card. for more information visit us our blog: How Do I Add Money To Cash App Card Without Debit Card?
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