Common Myths About Hair Loss

Hair loss is an age old problem that people have tried to cure and hide for centuries. The ancient Romans suffering from hair loss wore wigs. The ancient Egyptians were known to cover their scalp with olive oil in a desperate to regain hair. Cures such as cow manure, urine and even butter have been touted as either cures or hair loss prevention techniques.

The truth of the matter is, you can put as much olive oil, manure or anything else on your head but it will not stop your hair thinning. It certainly wont help recover lost hair.

Even though the science of hair loss is still not fully understood today there has been huge progress in this area. The main reason behind hair loss has been pin pointed. Hair loss is directly related to genetics. This simply means that your follicles are hard wired to be sensitive to certain hormones in particular DHT. It's the DHT levels which become higher as you age which cause those sensitive hair follicles to eventually die. Some men and even women will suffer varying degrees of hair loss depending on the amount of follicles that are not immune to DHT.

So as you can imagine, putting olive oil etc on your hair certainly will not get rid of the DHT hormone in your blood stream. The proven way to slow down and Custom Hair Pieces even keep DHT from attacking your follicles is by using medical or supplements that act as strong DHT blockers.

The most well known medical DHT blocker is Propecia. This is available by prescription only. The next well known and FDA approved DHT blocker is minoxidil commonly known as Rogaine. This can be purchased in pharmacies and is usually applied in foam or liquid format. It is pretty messy to use but it has proven very effective.

There are also some DHT blockers available as supplements. The most well known is Provillus. It's best to use Provillus to enhance the effects of another stronger treatment such as Propecia. You can also enhance the results even more by following a good diet with foods that also contain DHT blocking properties.

Hair replacement surgery should be a last resort. Yes it works but if you take care to tackle your hair thinning (DHT problem) as early as possible you WILL NEVER NEED hair restoration surgery. It's sad t see people just ignoring their thinning hair and hoping that it will just get better. It simply wont if you are genetically predisposed to losing your hair.

Also, if you are considering going on Propecia or DHT supplements, be sure to first consult your doctor and dermatologist. Your dermatologist will quickly be able to determine if your hair loss is caused by something other than genetics. It could be something as simple as mineral, nutritional deficiencies, allergy or some form of illness. Usually balding caused by reasons other than genetics is temporary and will subside when the problem is treated. Just know that because you are showing signs of pattern baldness does not mean that you are doomed to lose your hair.
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