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Wireless controller powered by GSM
A variety of technologies, including wireless technology, noise-controlled networks, and others, are installed in the high-tech structures. It can function over a 6000 metre field. The wireless GSM-based water level controls automatically control the motor, which has a distance between the engine and the tank. Using the float switch to determine the water level, the GSM Transmitter may send commands to the GSM Receiver. The current GSM network automatically controls the motor. As a result, the motor and tank can be connected without the use of a pipeline or specific wiring. Gsm based wireless controller in chennai

It's simple to utilise a GSM Wireless Water Level Controller.
The level indicator on a GSM Wireless water level controller makes it simple to keep track of how much water is in your tank. Once the tank is full, you can use a transistor to activate the warning. By using this method, you can save time, money, and water.

The wireless water level controller from Ktronics supports GSM.
You can quickly ascertain the water level in your tank with the use of a wireless water level controller and a level indicator on the tank. Once the tank is full, you can use a transistor to activate the warning. You'll save time, money, and water by avoiding water waste.

Unique Special
GSM Features It is possible to communicate easily between the tank and the wireless water level controller.
The overload is protected by the technology the voltage detector uses.
The pump is promptly shut off when the voltage level changes from high to low and is kept in that state until the voltage level returns to normal.
The automation and control of pumps must be complete.
Use an automated or manual timed configuration to conserve water while preventing leaks.
Because of the flow indication, it is able to know the water level right away.
Manual displays indicate sump and tank levels. Gsm based wireless controller in chennai
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