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Automated water level controller from Ktronics

Our approach

The most cutting-edge wireless communication-based smart technology is available from KTronics. With the help of our solutions, you can abandon outdated technology and switch to intelligence that will provide you better water control. Automatic water level controller in chennai

The majority of the systems are wired, and they employ a timer to operate the engine once every 30 minutes while also making an effort to monitor the water supply for around 5 minutes. The motor therefore shuts off for at least 200 minutes each day. In this instance, the seal on the pump absorbs enough damage to lessen its efficacy while wasting expensive electricity.

Our devices are capable of detecting the presence of water up to 50 metres from the main pipeline. In actuality, it always finds the source of the water. The following are some of the primary benefits of KTronics products:

Since the electronic controller functions automatically, no manual actions are required.

Eliminate all probable tank leakage sources.

Additionally, because the sensors closely monitor water levels, the tank doesn't completely dry out.

The inclusion of both high-level and low-level alerts into the gadget was planned.

You may save water and money by using our products.

There won't be any water leakage onto the walls or roofs like there would be with wired connections.

Features of the automatic water level controller by KTronics

Our solutions help to solve water problems by meticulously monitoring, controlling, and managing the water supply as well as the pump's operation. Automated water level controllers are used to control the submersible pump in the agricultural field, which is highly useful because water issues are a constant worry in cultivation and are well managed by this electronic equipment. Both household and commercial settings use automatic water level controllers from KTronics.

Our completely automated electrical appliances cost a lot, yet they should be viewed as investments. These can also keep an eye on power changes when the motor is running. Even when the water level drops below the necessary level, a steady supply is still guaranteed.

Additionally, the gadget recognises when an overhead tank is empty and automatically switches off the motor when an underground tank is empty. This results in energy savings and even guarantees a steady supply of water at all times. Automatic water level controller in chennai


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