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Ktronics' method can be used to automatically display the water level in the tank. The tank will emit a nice sound to alert you when the water level is full or empty. Customers can control the water pump in keeping with the tank level as a result. It was created utilising modern technology and is easy to use. water tank level indicator in chennai

In addition to various liquid storage systems, water level indication circuits are employed in industrial settings, chemical plants, and electrical substations. This straightforward technique has many applications. It keeps an eye on things like the control pump's operation, which helps to stop leaks and rain.

KTronics Water Level Indicator specifications

The objectives of level management and level indication were carefully taken into account when developing KTronics controllers. It was made with user friendliness in mind, works with a range of motor types, and has simple movements. On the front LED light display, operations and level signals are displayed. Our controllers are made with the most advanced microcontroller, which is packed with strong programmes. It performs more precisely while using less energy. Other current-based SS316 sensors will be robust, cost-effective to run, and independent in every way.

special attributes

The front LED display makes it easy to control the four phases of the water level signals—25, 50, 75, and 100%.

LED power-on signal.

The enhanced control will lead to less damage and fouling.

With a pleasant buzzing sound, the tank "alerts," making it simple to tell whether it is full or empty.

Sensors built of SS316 have an incredibly long lifespan.

It prevents water overflow from damaging the internal tank walls.

Lightly press the mute button to activate the buzzer alarm.

A separate current-based sensing method is used for scaling.

An on/off rocker switch is included.

You can save money by using a water filter because it uses less water and electricity. water tank level indicator in chennai

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