Hikaru Shida Shows Off Her Posing Skills With Red Underwear Photo Shoot Video

Hikaru Shida is one of the mainstays of the women’s division in AEW and one of the most talented female pro wrestlers in the world right now. She was the AEW Women’s Champion for well over a year after winning the title from Nyla Rose at Double or Nothing last year. It seems Shida decided to show off her skills recently as well.
Hikaru Shida lost the AEW Women’s World Championship to Britt Baker at Double Or Nothing last year. Since then she has largely not been part of the main event scene for the women’s division.
Shida has skills in various areas besides pro wrestling, which includes singing and even pole dancing. Shida recently took to her Instagram and uploaded a clip of herself, where she took part in a photoshoot in a variety of outfits.
Hikaru Shida was written off AEW television as she left the United States and is now living in Japan. We will have to see how long it takes for Hikaru Shida to make her way back to the United States as the AEW women’s division certainly needs her.
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