Intelligent Mobile Apps: Introduction and Features

There are about 3.2 billion mobile users or even more. With these many users, the popularity of smartphones can’t be underestimated. Furthermore, according to a report, an average mobile user spends his/her most of time (about 88%) on mobile apps. 

With mobile apps becoming one of the indispensable parts of our daily lives, the constant need to make them better and improve user experience is also elevated. A mobile app development company, therefore, realizes the significance of using advanced technologies and tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence to build intelligent applications. If you jot down a report statistics, you would know the intelligent apps market that stood at $15 Billion will likely grow at a CAGR of 35% within years 2021 to 2027. 

Now, if you are wondering what intelligent mobile apps are and how they contribute to the development and advancement of the mobile app industry, read on further. 

Have you ever wondered, 

  • How shopping or e-commerce apps can show you recommendations for the exact products or services you were looking for? 
  • How do some apps provide you with an instant solution or answer to your questions which isn’t humanly possible? 

All these and much more is plausible with intelligent apps. But, what exactly is it to begin with? Let's have a look! 

What Are Intelligent Mobile Apps? 

Those who are in the business of mobile app development, look for ways and methods to provide a personalized experience to users. They want to provide them the best experience and for that, they acquire help from technologies like AI and machine learning. It helps the application analyze and collect data about the end-user behavior and then the app is customized accordingly to provide the best experience. An android or iOS developer uses and integrates innovative technology to build such intelligent apps and elevate user experience. 

Primary Intelligent Mobile Apps Features 

  • Data Analytics 

Intelligent apps are made in a way that they can collect data from multiple sources and analyze them for prediction, reaction to unique events, or for providing suggestions. It provides one with a holistic view of the various data sets present. With the help of machine learning, a mobile app development agency can analyze and process data for a more detailed and holistic view. 

  • Adaptive

User preferences and interests are constantly changing with the introduction of new features, products, and services. Therefore, mobile apps have to be adaptive so that they can understand the user behavior in the past and analyze if there is a change. Intelligent apps make use of machine learning to continually adapt as per the change in user behavior. 

  • Natural language processing 

Natural language processing or NLP is a part of artificial intelligence that allows machines to analyze the language of humans and interpret its true meaning. 

Have you ever seen the use of NLP in android development? 

If you have seen it, you would know how it enables the developed app to read and understand the human language and derive its cognitive meaning. For instance, mobile apps where users ask a query on the app and they get an automated response are an example of NLP. while the latter (automated response) is with the help of chatbots, reading and analyzing the human language and responding accordingly is a wide application of NLP. 

  • Virtual assistants  

Virtual assistants are a popular go-to nowadays. Users can easily interact through the mobile app and access anything on the app using those virtual assistants. Intelligent apps that make use of virtual assistants powered by AI can ensure to provide a more interactive and personalized experience to mobile app users. If you want to develop such an app, availing mobile app development services will be quite beneficial. 

While intelligent apps can make a greater contribution to elevated user experience, one has to know well how to apply those technologies for good. Only then, it will help in Android app development and iOS app development. Therefore, availing help from the right app development agency is quite important. Auxesis Infotech might be that name as it excels in developing robust and intelligent mobile apps. 

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