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Greetings. Do your children have tutors? My son has problems with math, and he needs to pass the exam, I'm thinking about hiring a tutor? Have you ever used such services? I think where better to find a good specialist, and whether it is possible to take such lessons online? It's very convenient that now you can study almost everything online.
Isobel on November 28 at 07:34 PM Edited in Other question
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June Freed on December 11 at 03:11 PM
Good evening. I believe that if a child is behind in any subject, it is quite possible to hire a tutor, he will definitely help. And the choice is up to you, now there are a lot of different classes online, which is very convenient.
Hanna on November 29 at 06:54 PM
Friends, if you or your child need a tutor in mathematics, I advise you to contact UpSkillsTutor , everyone can find a professional specialist of their choice. I'm sure after a short time of training, the knowledge in this subject will be well just great. So go to them, I'm sure you will not regret and all your expectations will be met. Enjoy you and a positive learning experience.
Nikki on November 28 at 09:13 PM Edited