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Now I'm watching various sales videos for different kinds of businesses and I realize how they really help promote a business. Any company needs this kind of promotion, and mine is no exception... After watching these cool 60-second videos, I was inspired to find talented guys who could create a stylish mini video about my company and all of its benefits... Who can do it?
Norwood on November 05 at 07:48 AM in Other question
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I have heard that there is a special exchange where you can leave your order and it will be quickly accepted by the executors of such orders, you will only need to attach your materials and indicate what exactly should be in this work
Oliver Terree on November 05 at 09:41 AM
In fact, in one minute you can show all the delights of your business in great detail. This time is enough to interest customers in your business. The video clip must be of high quality.
Yan_ on November 06 at 02:57 AM
Hello, there are many companies that create 60 second videos, but there is a very famous one <a href=>><<></a developers will make the video unforgettable. Read their reviews, I advise
Kristin on November 06 at 04:32 AM Edited
60 second videos can definitely help you grow your business, so it's a great idea if you want to create one, you can do it right here the good thing about it being only 60 seconds is that it's more than fair time to show only what is important about your business and that the person who sees it sees the full video without getting bored or stop watching it, it is simply 1 minute of video and even if it does not seem like it, all the information you want to be able to about your business enters perfectly in that minute
JackManoban on November 11 at 11:02 AM
I think it's a good idea, since 60 seconds are more than enough to promote a business, making a video of 3 minutes or more would be totally unnecessary since it would become boring, I think that more than 1 minute people are not interested in seeing it , so it seems like a good idea to me, yes, it has to be developed by an expert, it is the only way to make people see it without problems that minute and not get bored or anything like that, so keep in mind this
Fitry Zen on November 11 at 12:07 PM
Good idea. Video review. Something I hadn't even thought of the topic. I'm used to banners and presentations. I'll have to think about it and make one for myself too. It's the same if you advertise on TV, only cheaper. You could even put it on YouTube.
Timothy Austin on November 11 at 06:09 PM