How does video and image recognition software work?


I am very new to the field of computer science and I've always been curious. Does the computer analyze the pixels as single images frame by frame and then check a database for that particular arrangement of pixels? Or is there some other way it recognizes videos and images?

lina232 on September 22 at 01:16 PM in Other question
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irene on September 24 at 05:19 AM
Image recognition uses technologies and techniques to help computers identify, label, and classify image elements of interest.
reiv on September 22 at 02:21 PM
Image recognition is an information technology designed to take and understand photographs of the real world, converting them into digital information for further processing and analysis. Today, image recognition is one of the main and widely used tasks of computer vision. TensorFlow from Google, DeepFace from Facebook, Project Oxford from Microsoft are excellent examples of image recognition systems. 
ron 8 on September 22 at 02:01 PM