What do you like most about intimacy?

Hello forum members. I want to bring up the topic of sex and talk about it. What do you like most about intimacy? Maybe some games or phrases or maybe some foreplay? I personally love the way a girl talks dirty to me during the process. It turns me on a lot. What about you?
Max Velin on July 01 at 04:55 PM in Other question
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It excites me insanely when a girl dresses beautifully and tries just to make me horny. Recently my girlfriend came in a leather bandage and told me to tie her up and do what I want with her. I instantly got an erection on her... Showed me that there are quite a few of these on https://obsessharness.com/bondage-harness/ and I even thought about getting a couple more and practicing the subject of bdsm. Do you like this kind of thing? Or do you prefer to spend it more nicely.
Mark Bartra on July 02 at 03:12 AM
I like it differently. What's bdsm and what's nice. It depends more on my mood and the mood of my partner. If we talk about what excites me most it's probably preliminary caresses and long kisses. I can't do without them at all.
Agata Brown on July 02 at 10:46 AM
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suka on July 08 at 04:29 AM