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Hi all. My girlfriend has often started hiding her phone and won't tell me who she's texting with. She excuses herself that some acquaintances and nothing more. It has become very stressful for me, but I do not particularly want to quarrel with her. I want to find an application with which I can see with whom she communicates and remain unnoticed. Do you know of one?
Mark Bartra on June 30 at 07:35 AM in Other question
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Advanced technology solves this dilemma with tools to catch an unfaithful spouse. There are both paid applications and free ones. It depends on what you want to do. Go to to see a list of these applications and choose the one you like best. I personally used Coospy and if you like it, you can download it from because that's where I downloaded it. It works well for me and without failures. It works in stealth mode on the target phone, transmitting all data to a web portal on the Internet without notifying users that they are being monitored.
Agata Brown on June 30 at 12:32 PM
I used mSpy and bought a few months subscription there. The software is easy to set up, reliable and works with iOS and Android phones. It also provides comprehensive analysis of actions performed on the target device.
Max Velin on June 30 at 01:53 PM
I know that everyone needs their own space but if I were you I wouldn't feel secure about my girlfriend. But I think you should have a more skillful way of communicating so that both of you have a common voice
BernieHelen on July 05 at 04:07 AM
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