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  • Air Compressor Made in China 鈻?This series primarily used with construction and mining required $80-110mm DTH drill, bolting rig,various hand held drill machines, drifters, blasting equipment and various air source requirement; 鈻?Reliable and durable with optimized control system for drastic drop of energy consumption; 鈻?All with EU3A compatible engines or IP55 motors. 鈻燗 truck With a base as short as 4.1 meters, a single truck can transport both the compressor and the rig. Three layers of protection We use three layers of galvanizing, coating and powder protection to keep the casing intact for a longer period of time The cost per meter Drilling at pressures of 30 to 35 bar allows more meters to be drilled per hour at a lower total cost per meter 1 Inhalation process: the male rotor rotates clockwise, the female rotor rotates counterclockwise, and the gas enters the volume between the teeth of the male and female rotors through the suction orifices. As the rotor rotates, the volume of the teeth that mesh with each other gradually increases. It is connected with the air inlet and starts to inhale; the rotor continues to rotate, and the volume between the teeth continues to increase. When the volume between the teeth reaches the maximum, the pair of teeth are disconnected from the suction port, and the suction process ends at this time . 1.2 Compression process: The female and male rotor teeth mesh with each other to form a complete sealed contact line. The gas is surrounded by the rotor teeth and the casing in a closed volume. As the rotor rotates, the contact line between the teeth moves toward the exhaust end. The enclosed volume between the teeth gradually decreases, and the gas pressure inside gradually increases. When the volume between the teeth communicates with the exhaust port, the internal compression of the gas ends.Air Compressor Made in China website:

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