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164 Long Street
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The police monitored the store and found that the young man sneaked into the store and opened the store door without a military overcoat. The man then turned on the machine and stole an inflatable sex doll. After the man succeeded, he ran all the way into the alley and disappeared.

According to the characteristics of the suspect, the police expanded the scope of investigation and found that the suspect was Sun Fan in Fanchang County, and Sun was arrested by the police. According to the investigation, Sang worked in a nightclub in his 20s. After get off work, he goes to the Internet cafe to play games. That night he passed an adult store where adult love dolls had been stolen and was looking for a thrill.

In fact, buying real love dolls is not necessarily imported, you can also buy them in China. The domestic ones are not so good, and the cost is not so high. We can buy 30,000 here, and the quality is guaranteed. Love dolls are very beautiful, and the young man can work for a month or two. And yet to be arrested for stealing a car.

You need to communicate more with real sex dolls. How to wear and fix naturally (because the practice is perfect) is not only a good opportunity to exercise, but also the possibility of experiencing difficult use, bomb throwing, and stronger physical training.
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