It's time to plan an Adventure Travel: Dubai Desert Safari


Dubai is the largest city and emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the second largest in terms of territorial area after the capital, Abu Dhabi.evening desert safari with bbq dinner It is located on the Persian Gulf's southeast coast and is among the seven emirates that make up the nation.

If we hear anyone say Dubai, the first thing that comes to your mind is the dazzling shopping malls, stunning skylines and a lively nightlife. Dubai is a top tourist destination and for locals alike. It is a shopping hub and has many tourist attractions like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Museum. It is among the top destinations for tourists who want to enjoy an extra-ordinary vacation here.

This wonderful city is perfect for a trip for the whole family or a group of friends. Have you ever considered that, aside from these famous places, there's a different one you can only find in this area. We are sure you're still wondering what the other thing is. We'll let you know about Dubai’s Desert Safari. A ride among the huge sand dunes of the Arabian Desert will give you an experience you've never had before. And, not only that, you can even explore the rarest species of wild animals while being on an Safari excursion. There's so much to do on a Desert Safari that you will love every bit of it. While you pack for your Dubai holiday, be sure you take a look at these most popular Desert Safari activities that will ensure a memorable trip.

1. Dune Bashing Dune Bashing: Have you ever thought of imagining yourself inside a car in middle of a desert? If not, take a step forward to explore the huge sand dunes by going on a desert safari, and seeing some truly amazing sights, and experiencing the goosebumps as your vehicle travels through the dunes. You can pick from various experiences.

2. Camping in the Desert: We've all heard of camping in the mountains or near waterfalls. But have you ever thought that you could have a camp stay in the middle of the desert? Don't worry and the Dubai desert safari is a fantastic way to experience the same. Grab your friends and head to Dubai.

3. Belly Dancing: Entertainment is a vital aspect of life. It also increases the pleasure of vacations. Another reason desert safari is a great experience is the Belly Dancing you can do during your stay. The world's best performers are here to entertain you and get you to move your body and shake your leg with them. Do we really need any more?

4. Sand Skiing:Now this is something that you haven't done in any other part of the world.For more Sand skiing is an amazing adventure, just like the ice skiing. Enjoy the excitement of rolling around and skating across the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert by taking a ride. While it's a challenging workout, this unique and amazing practice will leave you amazed.

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